Velitor at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai 24-26 May 2022

Velitor made their exhibitor debut at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention with founder Seamus Andrew speaking at the “Law & Order: Regulatory Compliance for Blockchain & Digital Assets” panel.  Velitor’s booth, guarded by a trusty Stormtrooper aptly christened “Stormy”, delighted guests and speakers alike, providing an interesting talking point in relation to the Ainsworth v Lucasfilm case. The case was successfully defended in the UK Supreme Court by Seamus on behalf of the English inventor, Mr Andrew Ainsworth.

The three-day Convention, which took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai on 24-26 May 2022, consisted of panels, presentations and exhibitions focusing on the scaling of the public blockchain ecosystem and the breadth of possibilities in relation to applications on the BSV Blockchain. The Convention attracted visitors from around the globe, with backgrounds ranging from developers to investors to lawyers, all with the like-minded vision of wanting to bring new advancements from blockchain technology into fruition. Visitors were intrigued to discover Velitor’s experience in regulatory issues concerning NFTs, blockchain and digital asset recovery as well as advice in relation to legal obstacles and disputes involving cryptocurrency-related businesses.

On the third and final day of the Convention the “Law & Order: Regulatory Compliance for Blockchain & Digital Assets” panel was moderated by Marcin Zarakowski, General Counsel & Chief of Staff at the BSV Blockchain Association and consisted of industry leaders and disruptors; Seamus Andrew (Founder & Managing Partner of Velitor Law), Angus Brown (Founder & CEO of Centbee), Dominique Lecoq (Founder & Managing Partner of lecoqassociate), and Rafael Schultz (Founder & CEO of Blockchain Punk Labs).

In his introduction, Seamus stated that in the past few years he has been working on various disputes and providing regulatory advice in relation to the blockchain sector, particularly, advising individuals regarding where best to set up their crypto asset related business and the recovery of lost bitcoin.

During the panel, with regard to projections about the future in terms of regulators and legislators, Seamus stated “The regulatory systems will take time to catch up, but they will make sure any activities on the blockchain in the digital world that they regard as old fashioned regulatable activities, they are going to try to regulate them. The smart blockchain businesses and the smart digital asset businesses of the future will embrace that, they will play the regulatory arbitrage game and they will find the right jurisdictions and they will embrace the regulation. That’s what I would advise a blockchain business that is wondering how to set itself up to protect itself for the future.”

Velitor Law proved to be a successful force to be reckoned with at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai and will be exhibiting at the next Convention which will be held in Velitor’s hometown of London, England.  

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