Welcome to Velitor, a brand-new legal practice launched on the crest of one of the greatest waves of change the world has ever seen. As we emerge from almost a year of locked-down life, we’re hoping to bring a fresh new perspective to the London litigation market. At the heart of our thinking are some compelling ideas that we want to share with you; the things that we truly believe can make all the difference:

The future is in focus // Over the past decade, we’ve seen that the really successful stories in law have been underpinned by a single-minded focus. Organisations with a clear role and purpose seem to make more impact. Here, we’ve taken that idea and put it at the core of what we do. Velitor has a unique focus on claimants which, in turn, provides us with a mission to seek justice and recourse against seemingly insurmountable institutions. At our heart, we’re interested in enforcing clients’ rights, with determination and resilience, and our legacy experience of handling high-profile cases for them, at the highest level, is second to none. And, because of that focus on claimants, conflict is almost never an issue. That makes us the perfect choice for firms who are conflicted but still need exceptional results for their clients.

Thinking, big and small // We imagine a world where the niche boutique can operate just as effectively as the global elite. Clients feel liberated when they’re free of unwieldy size, conflicts, protocols and complexities, plus there’s no sacrifice in quality. All of our lawyers are at the top of their game. Choose a boutique and you’re only going to get the A team. We also believe that seasoned practitioners don’t just provide better results, they inevitably provide best value, too. You will receive highly crafted counsel of unmatched quality, delivered by progressive thinkers, with the matchless service ethos you’ll only ever find in a boutique like ours. Finally, there’s the pace. Flexible resourcing creates an agility that our larger rivals simply don’t have. As a client you get the very best practitioners, precisely engaged when and where you need them. It’s the difference between bringing in special operations on a critical skirmish and funding a full-time army for a protracted war-of-words. We truly believe in teamwork, but we also understand that clients want their team to be the right size for their case. So, next time you need big thinking, maybe it’s time to think small?

Might over matter? It doesn’t always cut it // Litigation. It is a market dominated by tough-talking and sabre-rattling. Firms flaunt their successes like badges of honour, assured that fear secures victory. We know that being effective in a dispute is more nuanced. A winning strategy takes more than just might, and that’s where compelling thinking and emotional intelligence can make all the difference to your case. In our experience, litigation practices are designed to react to every step in a dispute. We think differently. Sometimes success is as much about what you don’t do. Sometimes it is better to let the storm blow itself out. Above all else, we don’t see litigation as an on/off switch. It’s all about balance. As such, we’re tough, but never aggressive. Measured thinking is what really counts.

Let’s change the game // We’re built and designed around the new model of legal service delivery, where agility and flexibly count for everything. We collaborate with a unique team of multidisciplinary experts, from seasoned investigators and reputation specialists to the most significant funders, delivering a peerless network. Plus, as more and more innovations make their way into the courtroom, we’re designed to make the most of every technological development that might provide even the slightest advantage. From the latest systems and processes we use in-house to stay on top of our game to the latest predictive and AI tools in litigation, you can count on us for the imaginative solution.

I’m truly excited about the future of our firm. But I’m also optimistic about the future of the legal industry, as I know so many practitioners that have been spurred on by the last 12 months to believe in their dreams, change up the way they work, and go it alone. That creative spirit will drive real progress in this industry. And that’s something I’m proud to be part of.


Seamus Andrew


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