Thinking, big and small.

Velitor Law is a boutique legal practice with a unique focus on claimants. It provides us with a single-minded mission to seek justice and recourse against seemingly insurmountable institutions. At our heart, we’re interested in representing our clients with determination and resilience. We also want to liberate them from the conflicts and complexities that often come with global practices. So, next time you need big thinking, think boutique.

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Might over matter?

Litigation. It’s a marketplace dominated by tough-talking and sabre-rattling. Firms flaunt their successes like badges of honour, assured that fear secures victory. We know that being effective in a dispute is a little more nuanced. Compelling thinking and emotional intelligence can make all the difference to your case. At Velitor Law, we deliver the highest value knowledge, judgment and advocacy in the resolution of disputes with one thing always in mind: a winning strategy take more than just might.


People, behind people.

Fighting for the rights of claimants is a ceaseless endeavour and our people stop at nothing to find optimal outcomes for them in their most significant, complex and challenging disputes. We distinguish ourselves through quality, honesty and integrity, relying on professional best practices and strong ethics. But central to our thinking is putting our client at the heart of everything we do. Above all, every single one of us is happy to go the extra mile every time because our work is highly fulfilling and meaningful.


Know-how, can-do.

As more and more innovations make their way into the the courtroom, we’re designed to make the most of every insight and development that might provide even the slightest advantage. From the latest systems and processes we use in-house to stay on top of our game to the latest predictive AI tools in litigation, you can count on us for the imaginative solution.


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