Borderless thinking.

Dispute resolution is an increasingly borderless enterprise, and the world’s largest litigations and arbitrations are our focus. As such, we concentrate on supporting a rich and diverse international client base from our London HQ, and litigate wherever we need to. We also collaborate with a unique team of multidisciplinary experts, from seasoned investigators and reputation specialists to the most significant funders, delivering a peerless network committed to the best outcome for our clients, wherever they may be.


A single-minded mission.

Our ambition at Velitor Law is simple: we want to be the UK’s most prestigious claimant disputes firm, bringing together the most perceptive and effective legal minds and backing them with unrivalled resources, progressive technologies and a clear purpose. We have a unique focus on claimants which, in turn, provides us with a single-minded mission to seek justice and recourse against seemingly insurmountable institutions. And our experience of handling high-profile cases, at the highest level, for them is second to none. Our founder, Seamus Andrew, described by L500 as a ‘fierce and nerveless lawyer who does not back down’, brings a heavyweight litigation and arbitration practice spanning three decades. He leads an all-star team, catalysing a diversity of styles and specialisms, and as a combined force, we deliver the highest value knowledge, judgment and advocacy in the resolution of disputes. That means cohesive strategies and cutting-edge thinking, delivered with real punch when you need it. Plus, as a litigation specialist that is focused on claimants, conflicts are rarely an issue. That makes us the firm of choice for firms who are conflicted but still need exceptional results for their clients.