Velitor Law attending the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai

Velitor Law is pleased to announce that it will be attending the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai as an Exhibitor Partner.

The BSV Global Blockchain Convention will take place in Dubai between 24-26 May 2022, patronised by HH Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi of Ras Al-Khaimah and the Ras Al-Khaimah Chamber of Commerce.

Velitor Law will be attending the convention both in person at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, and online via the BSV Global Blockchain Convention’s virtual platform. We look forward to meeting and engaging with innovators and thought leaders in the blockchain sector.

Velitor Law’s Founding and Managing Partner Seamus Andrew will also be contributing to a discussion on “Law & Order: Regulatory Compliance for Blockchain & Digital Assets” on the final day of the event (26 May 2022 at 10:05 GST).

The BSV Global Blockchain Convention will provide an opportunity for attendees to ask us about Velitor Law’s knowledge and expertise in this field.

Blockchain technology has already begun to reshape the way people connect, manage information, and transact. With these rapid developments comes a host of new legal challenges and opportunities, and so a demand for an elite legal service which combines experience in all manner of legal disputes with a dynamic, future-ready approach.

Velitor Law has been following developments in blockchain technology closely, so we understand the need this creates to provide flexible, uncompromising and client-centred legal service that keeps step with the radical changes brought about by the blockchain revolution. We design every aspect of the client experience from the ground up and combine this with a contemporary approach to harnessing tools, talent and technology. We also deploy resources in an agile way to keep pace with our clients’ evolving needs.

This is the new model of legal service delivery which Velitor Law has been built and designed around.

Velitor Law will bring along a hard-won trophy from “some different time and … another part of the Universe” as one judge in the case put it. Those attending the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai will be able to come and meet us and find out about how we continue to help clients navigate the legal implications of contemporary trends in Blockchain technology.