Update on landmark cryptocurrency litigation – the first competition claim in the cryptocurrency sphere

The Competition Appeals Tribunal website has been updated to include summary details of Velitor Law’s involvement in the BSV Claims litigation, as well as other claims subject to the CAT’s jurisdiction.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal’s summary can be seen here: 


The claim is being brought by Lord Currie of Marylebone as class representative to seek redress for the hundreds of thousands of small investors who were UK-based holders of BSV against the various cryptocurrency exchanges who colluded to de-list BSV in 2019.  The claim is valued at up to £9.9 billion.

We ask all UK investors affected by the de-listing of BSV to come forward and register their details at https://www.bsvclaims.com/register so that we can communicate with you on the progress of the case, including future updates to the CAT website. Registration is simple and easy to do.